News & Announcements

Fall 2019 and Spring 2020
Seminar Series
447 Speers Rd. Unit #6, Oakville, ON
L6K 3S7 v
If you were not aware I since my move to Speers Rd.
I have a room in the back that can hold approx. 30 people and we can host Seminars.

This fall we will be hosting

Winterization – WHAT TO, and HOW TO. OCT 6
Chemicals for Marine – Learn more about much! NOV TBA
Fibreglass – DIY information JAN TBA
Electrical systems basics – Learn what to look for! JAN TBA
Spring clean up and setup – Bring your boat back to life! FEB TBA
more? topic you think might generate interest?

Maximum 30 per date – Sign up early!!  All dates will be a Sundays @ 12noon